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By Godeki, August 4, 2012 0 Deals, MMO, PC

After another recent wave of layoffs and a dropping subscription base, EA has announced that starting “this Fall”, Star Wars: The Old Republic will go Free-to-Play.

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Happy Star Wars day everyone. Today is the day that the world (geek or otherwise) celebrates ones of the greatest franchises and cult phenomenons that has ever graced any media. Wether it be Movies, TV Shows, Books, Comics, Toys, or… Read More »

By LoudHawk, April 13, 2012 0 MMO, News, PC

It has now been nearly 4 months since Star Wars: The Old Republic hit the streets, and BioWare is almost ready to release it’s second content patch. The patch has been hinted as a “massive” game update for a while, and with… Read More »

By Godeki, April 4, 2012 0

First and foremost I wish to apologize for the quality of the pictures as this is the first time I am attempting an “Unboxing”. Hopefully things will get better after this one. Anyway, on with the show. As you can… Read More »