Freeze Everything

6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/10
Graphics: 6/10
Sound/Design: 8/10

Cheap | Nice Design

Lacks longlasting fun gameplay | Absence of a decent soundtrack

“Freeze Everything” is one of the latest Xbox live indie games. Originally I was intrigued by this games price point, exactly one dollar. Naturally I purchased this game without even testing the games demo out first. Unprepared for what to expect I was ready to dive in this game head first.

Now “Freeze Everything” is at its core a simple platformer. The basic objective for each stage is to get from point A to point B while staying within the minute time limit and killing all enemies that get in your way. Along the way there are three kinds of ice cube looking objects for your hero to collect. The white ones are littered everywhere and give 100 points to your total score, after a certain amount is obtained the player gets one extra life. The blue ones grant you temporary invincibility as well as 1000 points. The final ice cubes are the red ones; they seem to spontaneously combust whenever the play gets within the vicinity of one causing the player to become engulfed in flames.  Fire in this game won’t cause you to die but it does reverse your movement so it can be impossible to navigate.

The hero has one of three attacks, he can punch, throw ice blocks, as well as fling fish. No enemy can be killed with just one of these attacks and the bosses take a fairly long series of attack combinations to die. My one big gripe with the gameplay is after you defeat the first boss there is no new way to defeat any of the enemies so after a while the game becomes downright monotonous. You will literally go through the same stages just with a different color pallet, it’s downright annoying and I soon found that instead of getting more challenging as I progressed the stages became easier and easier.

He goes by the name of King Baddie

As for the way of a story don’t expect anything at all. In fact the only way I knew what was going on was by reading the description in the indie marketplace. You play as Esk the Eskimo and you are riding your village of all the “Baddies”. Like I said nothing Oscar worthy but it sets up the game. When it came to the technical side of things everything worked fine within the game. The only thing I encountered was a few pockets of slowdowns.

I have always been a fan of cartoony style of games and “Freeze Everything” is no exception. This gives the game an attractive look especially since the cartoon style was done right. In fact the only reason I gave this game the time of day was that the cover intrigued me. The general sound on the game fares worse. When background music was playing I could barely hear it and when I could there was nothing worthy of remembering. Often time’s music wouldn’t play for minutes at a time.

This is what a general stage looks like, the enemy next to Esk is frozen by his freeze ability.

Now let’s get this straight. “Freeze Everything” is not a bad game, in fact it’s one of the best indie games I have ever played.  It has great design and fun gameplay for a half hour or so at a time, which is actually quite a long time  considering some indie games out there are only fun for the first five minutes until you realized you wasted your money. This is a fun game with a few flaws but this it was probably put together by one of two guys with absolutely no budget. And for one dollar some of the smaller complaints I had seem to go away. I would implore any indie gamer to at least checkout “Freeze Everything”.

Game Info

GAME NAME: Freeze Everything


PLATFORM(S): Xbox 360

RELEASE DATE(S): March 17, 2012


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  1. MicronautY March 28, 2012 at 4:11 pm -

    Nice review.

  2. Phase April 3, 2012 at 9:04 pm -

    Fair assessment. :D

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