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If you can’t tell by all the hubbub around the Internet, today is the official start of PAX East. Some call PAX (East or West) the mini-E3, some even say it is more important than E3. However you look at… Read More »

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As we strive to become an awesome Video Game Press/Media website, we’re meeting a lot of companies and supporters along the way. Meet the newest member to show Solidus some love, StickerMule!

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Happy Star Wars day everyone. Today is the day that the world (geek or otherwise) celebrates ones of the greatest franchises and cult phenomenons that has ever graced any media. Wether it be Movies, TV Shows, Books, Comics, Toys, or… Read More »

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We’ve been hard at work in the background. Take us with you!

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Secret World is one of the new MMO’s coming in 2012. Developed by Funcom, creators of games like Age of Conan, Secret World is truly interesting due to its modern setting with mythological enemies and places. You can choose from… Read More »

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Happy Easter from all of us at Solidus Gaming. Please Enjoy the Holiday!