ESL Intel Extreme Masters Tournament Recap


Well, what an exciting week it’s been for the gaming industry.  Things have never looked better than this year’s Gamescom, which featured the best of the best and gave us a taste for what’s to come in the near future. However, you’re not here for that. Chances are that if you clicked this, then you’re looking for the juicy news. Although most people are aware of this by now, e-Sports League (ESL) organizes a tournament every year called Intel Extreme Masters (IEM). So of course, what better locale to host the tournament’s European Regionals than Gamescom? Anyway, let’s go ahead and get started with our recap.

League of Legends

We all expected this to be a slug-fest between giants in the professional circuit of League, but no one expected the following: In a stunning upset, SK Gaming managed to defeat the former title-bearer, CLG.EU, leading them to the finals. Unfortunately, although our hearts were with SK, our heads just blatantly screamed for the Moscow Five (M5). SK was defeated at the hands of M5 in a brutal 2-0 match. Let’s give them all a hand, folks. All three teams managed to secure a ticket to the LoL Season 2 World Championships.

The following is the complete list for final placings:

  • 1st place: Moscow 5 (40.000 US dollars and a position at the LOL Season 2 World Championship)
  • 2nd place: SK Gaming (30.000 US dollars and a position at the LOL Season 2 World Championship)
  • 3rd place: (25.000 US dollars and a position at the LOL Season 2 World Championship)
  • 4th place: Fnatic (15.000 US dollars)

We’ll keep you guys covered on the Season 2 Finals, and good luck to the teams that made it.

StarCraft II

It was a good time to be an SCII player this time, folks, especially for you Zerg and Terran fans. Time and time again, IEM has proven that no matter how many times you win, there’s always the threat of failure looming over your head. Such was the case for MC. Being the crowd favorite, we assumed he would at least make it to finals. That is, until Nerchio stepped into the ring. The Polish Terror decimated him in a stunning Z v. T victory. However, the famed Korean “MVP”, managed to secure the victory in a stunning demolition of Nerchio’s momentum. Regardless of who won, all these players gave it their best and played their hearts out. GG, guys.

Final Placings for IEM SCII:

  • 1st place: MVP (6.500 US dollars)
  • 2nd place: Nerchio (3.300 US dollars)
  • 3rd place: viOLet (1.700 US dollars)
  • 4th place: VortiX (1.700 US dollars)

Well, it’s been a great weekend to be a competitive-oriented gamer, to witness such amazing battles from the heart of Cologne, Germany. But watch out, guys. This is barely the beginning. As we progress later into the year, and early next year, I can certainly guarantee that we’re going to be seeing a giant escalation in e-Sports and competitive gaming in general. To learn more about e-Sports, visit the official website of the ESL at


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