New Eden Eternal Expansion Released


Today, Aeria Games has released a new expansion for their hit Free-to-Play MMORPG, Eden Eternal. The new expansion, titled Shadows of the Past, promises to deliver massive amounts of new content. It also aims to bring many new things to the world of Eden, which we’ll be discussing shortly.

Primarily among the various additions is the new Sage class. In order to unlock this class, the average player will have to pass a series of tests, during which another feature of the expansion will be showcased: The ability to discover the events and lore of the past. Keep in mind, that completion of the trials will result in the unlocking of the class. Andy Muesse, producer at Aeria Games, has said the following:

“This is the first time that the lore has had something tied to the world’s past, a compelling story of the corruption of the Zumi race and why there are no Sages anymore.”

Aside from the major updates to the overall story of the titles, the expansion includes the following major changes:

  • Level Cap increase to 70
  • Three brand-new maps to explore
  • New quests
  • Four new dungeons
  • Continued support of 10v10 arenas in PvP

As is customary with all Aeria Games titles, Eden Eternal uses the Free-to-Play model. To play the game right now, go to


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